Terms of use (only in English).

General information

The user(s)/ visitor(s) of the websites domain is obliged to the following terms which should be thoroughly read. If you are not in agreement with or are in doubt you should not use the websites nor the services they provide. In case of disagreement the user may inform the side-admin on any observations or corrections to be considered in the future.

1 Acceptance

The user/visitor who agrees to use the site accepts the terms of use concerning eurohome24.

Under the condition that the terms of use are accepted and the user wishes to list/post his/her property or business. He/She will be asked to complete a register form including personal information. The form is included in the site and after being verified will be accepted.

In order to list/post your property/business you connect to your USERNAME and access your personal code. Then you can list your property/business by filling out the required information, address, square meters, text photos which will be posted as the user has chosen. Before this step the user decides the registered time duration of property/business display, which he/she wishes to advertise/promote/list. Once, the bank confirms the payment the listing is posted.

User/ visitors who list property/business consent to show the content of their listings (descriptions, phone number, e-mail, photos etc.) AS DISPLAYED and conset to the distribution/use of personal information from the prog. data base for property business search in specific areas in order to accommodate communication and contact with parties of interest.

They also consent to the distribution and the use of information provided in Greece, in Europe and globally with any technical mean available.

The website is not held responsible for inaccuracies posted concerning information about property listings, due to the fact that the user is responsible on his/her own for the features displayed and can alter/change the information given during the chosen time. Information concerning business listings is displayed differently, because it is transferred to the data base and during this procedure technical problems may arise (due to the size of the picture/photo/video) through the distribution system used. The website has the right to send an e-mail recommending ways to present/post your listing to its users and members.

In no case is eurohome24 held responsible for property descriptions (cost, location, text, photo etc.) or in any wrongdoing caused by real estate trade.

The listing posted/displayed may have inaccuracies/mistakes or need processing.

Updates and corrections will be made in due time. The website is not obliged to correct them immediately.

You also agree that you solely are responsible for any requirements, legal fees that may surface in case of terms violation mentioned in the agreement of use.

  1. Website Access

Eurohome24 has the right to alter or cease part of the complete function at the website in order to make changes improve or update without prior warning. In cases of inaccuracies concerning posted information and only when there is substantial indications that such in the case. The  site-admin has the authority to block the listed post and prohibit any further use from the specific user(s). The user has no claims or rights against eurohome24.

  1. Alterations (format/terms)

The website has the right to alter/change part of its contents/terms of use without prior warning. Continuation of its use from a user is considered as acceptance.

  1. Copyright

The contents of the website (symbol, name, texts, logo, and in general all data) the logo eurohome24 is the site admin copyright and is under the provision of the Greek Privacy laws and is available to its users only for personal use.

Users/estate agents/ visitors agree to respect all copyright laws concerning eurohome24 and avoid copying, transfer, distribution, reproduction, downloading or exploiting the website’s listed/ featured material for commercial use without the prior authorization at the site-admin.

  1. Disclaimer

The material provided (listed property/ business) is only intended for informative purposes. The material provided by the domain does not give advice or inducement for any act on its part and is there for not held responsible for any compensation concerning harm / damage which may arise between its users and parties at interest.

The website is not responsible for inaccuracies concerning the information listed / posted due to the fact the user is solely responsible for the listed property / business and the listing is displayed as the user has chosen to.

The website is not held responsible for property descriptions nor any fault that may occur during purchase, rent or properly exchange.

Damage that may occur when linking onto other websites is the user’s responsibility. The domain holds no responsibility for their contents.

  1. Personal information

All personal   information administered by eurohome24 is under provision at the Greek Privacy treaty (Directive 2472/97) the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement at such data and international European code of law (Directive 95/46/EC and 97/66/EC ).

Eurohome24 declares that the information asked by its users is not distributed to third parties , the site has the right to make use at this data, to inform users for statistical financial purposes and to accommodate the users need.

  1. Legislation

The terms of use are under the provision of Greek and the European Union code of law and other treaties.          

  1. Ad responsibilities

The website is not held responsible for company advertisements that may occur or any inaccuracies concerning material or information provided by third parties.

  1. Termination of use

The user accepts the website’s right to terminate the distribution of information at any time it considers the user has violated the terms mentioned. The website can terminate the service provided once the time duration listed has expired without prior warning.

  1. Registered Time Duration for property / business listings.

A property / business listing is posted according to the time duration program chosen by the user.

Upon the expiration date the registered time duration the listing / post is de- activated without prior notice. For this reason users are advised to note the date the service is activated and when it expires. Should the user fail to pre – pay his / her listing it will be deleted.

  1. Agreement

The terms of use constitute an agreement between eurohome24 and its users / visitors.